Getting The Code Official and Special Event Partners Under the Same Tent

ICC On-Demand CEU Course

Collaborative Safety

Inspection & Life Safety

Temporary Stage Canopies

Under the Tent Part I

Because of the inconsistencies between the Code Officials and Special Event Partners we choose to begin our first series of courses by following the current regulations as specified.  Using the regulations as a guideline, and with cooperation between the Code Officials and Special Event Partners, our objective is to formulate a collaborative model using due diligence to maintain the most important aspect of hosting an event – Life Safety.

We divided the course into four sections:

  1. IBC & IFC Chapters 1 – Scope and Administration
  2. Collaborative Safety
  3. The Permit Process
  4. Inspection and Enforcement
  5. Life Safety

We start with Chapters 1 Scope and Administration Guidelines, then move on to how to incorporate Collaborative Safety using the Scope and Guidelines. Continuing with our safety model guideline, we begin by framing a basic permit process; we then explore how inspections and enforcement comply with Chapters 1 Scope and Administration. The last section we discuss is how to combine collaborative safety, the permit process along with inspections and enforcement will frame a collaborative approach to Life Safety.

ICC Code Number 10500 CEU Credit 1

Under The The Tent Part II

Scheduled for completion Feb 1st, 2017

The next step in our continuing educational course looks at the following regulations and how they influence inspection and life safety.

  • Site Location
  • Exits Signs/Doors and expansion of egress
  • Event Cooking and Fuel
  • Crowd Control
  • Standby Personnel
  • Flame Propagation
  • Anchorage


Under the Tent Part III

Scheduled completion date 2/28/17

Part III is the final course in the series “Under the Tent.”
Our course outline  will include the following:
  • Temporary Stage Canopies
  • Membrane Structures on buildings and raised platforms
  • Connection corridors
  • Evacuation Plans