“Skin in the game” is a phrase coined by Warren Buffett referring to a situation in which high-ranking insiders use their personal funds to buy stock in a company they are running. Management can talk all they want, but the best vote of assurance is putting their money on the line just like outside investors!

“No longer can we rely on”

The same scenario can be applied when Special Event Partners and AHJ’S define tent and membrane structure regulations and permits. No longer can we rely on “I have been doing it this way for thirty years” or “You need a flame certificate and date of application.” Both phrases have merit, but without collaboration between the two parties, the data behind the phrases are suspect. First, you may have been installing tents correctly for thirty years, but if you have zero data to back up the procedures or consensus documentation, it becomes “he said she said.”

“Before the AHJ jumps all over the flame certificate”

Before the AHJ jumps all over the flame certificate statement, I called ARA Insurance, one of the major carriers for tent insurance coverage, and asked how many claims or injuries were due to a vinyl tent damaged by fire. There were five damage claims no injury claims since 1997, and one claim stated the tent was damaged when the vehicle caught on fire while driving to the job site. I will grant you, this is not a comprehensive report, but it is a start.

How the tent is attached to “Mother Earth.”

The flame certificate regulation has approximately 236 words, but the anchorage regulation only 26, of course, Flame certificates are necessary, but perhaps we should have further conversations on how the tent is attached to “Mother Earth.” As for tents damaged or collapsing, my personal guess is that more than five tents or structures collapsed in the US because of poor anchorage last weekend!

“The point that SAFTSE is trying to make”

The point that SAFTSE is trying to make is that AHJ’S and Special Event Partners need to sit down and have a conversation about the current regulations and to develop a common ground that defines “Life Safety” as the goal for both entities.

Education is our “Skin in the Game.”

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