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We arrived at our scope from conversations with Code Enforcement Officials and Special Event Partners. From these discussions, we concluded that the lack of special event standards, data, and consensus documentation correlating with the IFC Chapter 31 was creating inconsistencies in administrating permits, inspections, and enforcement.

The first step was to create a business model, and we formed a non-profit corporation. The next step was generating a revenue stream. (Yes, a non-profit organization requires a revenue stream.) The original concept was to create revenue thru memberships, but what became evident was that a membership format designed to influence the regulations to fit how the association viewed the code, became a flaw in our ideology. Using a sports analysis, IBC/IFC code is the rule book, and if the rules are not correct or beneficial both sides have the opportunity, following guidelines set forth by the ICC, to adapt or delete the rule. However, the rules are still the rules until further notice.

That brings SAFTSE to its current position; we stand squarely in the middle, and we abide by what the current regulations states and how the installation can comply with the regulations and we will generate our revenue stream by offering educational courses for the code official and event partners.

Our scope is simple and we are offering our course via  On-Demand web-based technology as a cost effective way to deliver our first ICC CEU three-part series titled “Getting the Code Official and Special Event Partners Under the Same Tent.” For the AHJ this course has a CEU credit of 1 and for the Special Event Partners that are taking this course, you have experienced the same course as your Code Enforcement Officer which places you both under the same tent.

SAFTSE – ICC Preferred Education Provider

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