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IFC Tents and Other Membrane Structurers

Our courses are center around the current model code. Simply stating that the IFC is the rule book and how you as an AHJ and the Special Event Provider stay compliant with the code.

Video Tutorials

Lights, camera, and action! There is nothing better then short video’s to explain inspection techniques.

Coding Challenges

The challenges that the AHJ faces today and tomorrow are time and funding resources to keep up with temporary events. Our course is designed to help face those challenges and still maintain the integrity of “Life Safety First.”

New Quartly Content

SAFTSE project goal is to add a new course each quarter in 2018. Inspection is completed and Flame Certificates, Egress, and Evacuation scheduled for completion March 1st, 2018.

7/24 Access On Any Device

If you have access to the internet, you have access to our course.

Coding Community

The model code is designed around reasonable expectations. Having said that, “What is reasonable in Miami may not be reasonable in Minneapolis, MN.” A community of AHJ’S and Special Event Partners working together to maintain reasonable expectations in your specific region.

Become an expert

Temporary events that utilize tents come in various sizes and these variations have their own unique properties. Our course explains how and what to look for in the permit pre-view and inspections.

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