Hey AHJ’, Did You Check To See if the Jump Ropes Were Secured?

I have asked this question to more than 25 AHJ’S. The response was either silence or “What’s a Jump Rope?” However, before you, the tent rental installer, start to snicker, I’ll ask you this question. “What is the occupancy for standing room only under a 60X90 tent?” The majority of the responses – silence. To get the answer call your local Fire Marshall’s office and invite the AHJ out for a cup of coffee. A hint -start with the amount of square footage.

I’ll Paraphrase Apollo 13’s infamous statement “Huston we have a problem.” May I be so bold as to present a challenge to the tent rental industry. The challenge begins with the tent rental companies because you are the ones who erect a tent or clear span structure at the event location, and the majority of the time you are responsible for applying or requesting a tent permit.

We begin  by branding our challenge and calling it “The Tent Permit Challenge.” We start out by submitting “The Four Documents,” and include each of these four documents with the permit application along with the documents that the permit requests.

The Four Documents:

  1. The tent manufacturer’s Installation Guidelines
  2. A design drawing such as Party Cad displaying the arrangements, exits, and means of egress.
  3. The address with a Google Map link with a satellite view
  4. A document explaining what staking or ballasting that is intended for this installation

There is your challenge, and the ball is on your side of the court. You are not obligated in any way to accept this challenge, but if you reach out and go above and beyond the call of duty the results may be astonishing.

By the way, the 25 plus AHJ’S who read “The Four Documents” plan, responded with “Thank You, perfect, we will look forward seeing the data.”

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