We have submitted the course “Getting the Code Officials and Special Event Providers All Under the Same Tent” along with “Tent, Canopy, and Special Event Requirements in the I-Codes to the ICC Preferred Provider program , and we are waiting for approval.

The course objective is to create a collaborative relationship between the Code Enforcement Officials (CEO) and Special Event Partners. Our course begins with establishing a pathway to create a safe environment for our guests using the I Code. In other words, how to connect the dots between code regulations and reasonable expectations.

During the process of creating our course, a suggestion from one of SAFTSE’S advisory board members proposed creating a quiz after the opening introductions and outlines. His reasoning was to discover the level of expertise that the students had at the beginning of the course. Once the students completed the course he suggested adding a final exam and from the test scores, evaluate what the students learned.

The logic of adding a quiz made sense, so we did. If you are interested in taking the test here is the link to the quiz – Pop Quiz –.

Once we created the quiz, the next step in the process is testing, and so we recruited code officials and Special Event Providers and ask them to take our quiz. The quiz results were not surprising and after evaluating the scores; two trends were somewhat relevant. The scores from the majority of Special Event Providers on questions 2, 3, and 4 were incorrect. The test results from the minority of the Code Officials stumbled on question number 2 and 4. Granted, this was not an extensive sampling, and the original idea was to test for bugs in our quiz.

You can form your own conclusion on the trial sampling, but from SAFTSE’S viewpoint, the answers from the quiz demonstrated that we need to create a pathway that will resolve the misconception between the Code Officials and Special Event Partners. To create solutions to resolve misconceptions begins and ends with education, education, and education. As soon as all of the event stakeholders understand that connecting the dots between regulations and reasonable expectations fulfills the primary objective of “Life Safety”, I can confidently say “We Just Did the Right Thing.”

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