Safety Advocates for Tents and Special Events (SAFTSE) is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to create a Collaborative Safety Model (CSM) for Code Enforcement Officials and Special Event Providers.

The first step in developing our CSM is recognizing the inconsistencies between the ICC model code and the states that adopt their versions or variations of the IBC/IFC model codes. The second issue is that some states have not adopted the ICC model code and they have implemented a plan to authorize state and local authorities to develop a tent and membrane structure permitting process.

SAFTSE foresaw that a lack of consensus documentation could cause a problem, and this documentation is essential before we can embark upon developing a Collaborative Safety Model. Limiting or restricting access to Consensus Documentation creates a liability for the general public and they assume that they are participating in an event who’s basis is life safety first.
Consensus Documents have three distinct advantages:

  1. A consensus document can become a reference in an IBC/IFC regulation appendix.
  2. Consensus documents can also develop a foundation for tent and membrane structures standards.
  3. Consensus documents can create a revenue stream for associations as a training tool.

Once we start to gather existing industry Consensus Documents or generate new material, we then can move into the next phase of building SAFTSE’S Common Body of Knowledge. Our website has begun to develop a CBK,  but there is much more work to be done to reach our goal as a public resource for both Code Enforcement Officials and Special Event Providers.

Having set the basis of Consensus Documents and public access to SAFTSTE’S Common Body of Knowledge brings us one step closer to forming a Collaborative Safety Model. With the aid of our CSM, we then can begin to accomplish our primary goal,
Education – Education – Education.

Respectfully Yours,
Jim Erickson

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