Temporary Stage Canopies

F307-16 IFC: 3105.1, 3105.4.

Proponent: Michael O’Brian representing the Fire Code Action Committee (FCAC@iccsafe.org)

2015 International Fire Code

3105.1 General. Temporary stage canopies shall comply with Section 3104, Sections 3105.2 through 3105.8 and ANSI E1.21.

Revise as follows:

3105.4 Use period. Temporary stage canopies erected in accordance with ANSI E1.21 shall not be erected for a period of more than 45 days six consecutive weeks.

Reason: This proposal corrects the reference for E1.21 to an ESTA standard that was approved as an ANSI consensus standard and correlates this time period with language contained in ANSI  E1.21. “Six weeks” is consistent with the scope of ANSI E1.21 and the definition of “temporary” as used in this standard.  Six weeks does not materially alter the current requirement of 45 days.

It is the intent of the proponent for this proposal to change the term “temporary stage canopies” to special event structures” through a separately submitted code change proposal.

This proposal is submitted by the ICC Fire Code Action Committee (FCAC). The FCAC was established by the ICC Board of Directors to pursue opportunities to improve and enhance assigned International Codes with regard to fire safety and hazardous materials in new and existing buildings and facilities and the protection of life and property in wildland urban interface areas.   In 2014 and 2015 the Fire-CAC has held 5 open meetings.  In addition, there were numerous conference calls, Regional Work Group and Task Group meetings for the current code development cycle, which included members of the committees as well as any interested parties, to discuss and debate the proposed changes. Related documentation and reports are posted on the FCAC website at: FCAC

Cost Impact: Will not increase the cost of construction

This code change simply correlates the time frame for temporary stage canopies with the language in the ANSI E1.21 standard referenced in this code.