2018 IFC Outdoor Assembly Regulation

As we welcome in 2018, there are significant changes in the 2018 IFC Chapter 31 Tents and Other Membrane Structures regulations. One is quite substantial, referred to in IFC Chapter 31 Section 3106 Outdoor Assembly Events this regulation kicks in when an event has more than 1000 people.

Documented Requirements On:

  • Crowd Control Managers
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Public Safety Plan or Operational Management Plan
  • Cooking
  • Generators
  • LP Gas

Outdoor assembly regulations will require documentation for a permit preview before issuing a permit. Not only will the AHJ need to understand what documents are required, but the special event partner that applies for the permit will also need to have the same knowledge of what documents to submit to become compliant.

For example, if a tent rental company applies for the permit, they will be responsible for submitting a Public Safety Plan. However, the tent company will not have to create all of the documents. They will need to ask the special event partners to generate such documents such as determining the Crowd Control Managers, the Weather Monitoring, and HVAC.

The Outdoor Assembly regulation has established a line in the sand dictating that an event over 1000 people require permit previews before authorizing a permit and then an inspection to grant an operational permit. It also establishes the opportunity for outdoor events less than 1000 people. The AHJ can request a permit preview before approving a permit and spot checking inspections which will assist in managing their resources. No more excuses for lack of enforcement.

Where do we go from here!

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