Safety Advocates for Tents and Special Events

SAFTSE has adopted The International Code Council’s IBC/IFC regulations used to authorize temporary membrane structures/tent installation permits as a guideline for event fire and life safety. SAFTSE will work within these guidelines to provide reasonable fire and life safety solutions for AHJ’S and Special Event Partners.
A collaborative safety model is an essential component in SAFTSE’S overall life safety program. SAFTSE’S focus is to identify temporary membrane structures/tent code regulations and to frame a standard of reasonable expectations for all Special Event Partners and AHJ’S.
We can summarize SAFTSE’S scope by using three words – education, education, and education.



As a patron, you will be on the front lines of creating reasonable expectations, plus your ongoing patronage will also help bring new regulations into reality.  As our grassroots campaign grows, we hope for nothing less than to promote life safety as a standard and not a luxury.

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Skin in the Game

“Skin in the game” is a phrase coined by Warren Buffett referring to a situation in which high-ranking insiders use their personal funds to buy stock in a company they are running. Management can talk all they want, but the best vote of assurance is putting their...
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Come on Man How Could You Not See the Fire Hydrant

I asked Google to search for a 20’X 30’membrane structure/tent image. The photo criteria required that it conformed to the exception rule of 700 sq ft without sides, so I selected the above-featured photo. At first, I failed to recognize the infractions. Upon further...
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Connecting the Dots Between Code Officials and Special Event Partners

We have submitted the course “Getting the Code Officials and Special Event Providers All Under the Same Tent” along with “Tent, Canopy, and Special Event Requirements in the I-Codes to the ICC Preferred Provider program , and we are waiting for approval. The course...
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Bad Attitude or Advocate

There are three potential paths you can take to addressing permits and AHJ’S, follow the rules and complain, defy the rules because your interpretation of the regulations do not pertain to you, or follow the rules and become an advocate for change by raising the bar....
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ICC Develops Model Building and Fire Codes

The International Code Council (ICC) develops model building construction and fire prevention codes that are adopted by states and jurisdictions. These model codes are revised every three years. The ICC appoints a Fire Code Action Committee (Fire-CAC) to develop code...
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The Inconsistencies of Temporary Tent Permits

The inconsistencies of local and state temporary tent permits are problematic. The variation of regulations often affects tent and special events companies that travel nationally or crossing county lines. The question is how as an industry can we collaborate with...
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What I learned Last Summer

What I learned last summer came from two diverse experiences. First I was invited to be a member of the ICC Fire Code Action Committee, and secondly, I purchased a Jackson Coosa HD fishing kayak. Both of these experiences were firsts. This is the first time I have...
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A Horses Rear End Defined a World Standard

The world standard for broad gauge railway line is 4 feet and 8½ inches between the parallel tracks. This odd figure has its origin in the axle-width of Roman army chariots designed to accommodate the rear ends of two horses yoked side-by-side. Reference Business...
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Charges of Negligent Homicide in the Collapse of the NH Circus Tent

The New Hampshire Fire Marshal had requested that criminal charges be brought against Walker International Events when their tent collapsed last summer during a storm killing a father and his daughter. However, the saddest part is the collapse was preventable....
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SAFTSE Fire Marshals and AHJ’S Advisory Board

Today SAFSTE is announcing the formation of an “Advisory Board” consisting of Fire Marshals and Building Code Inspectors. Our advisory panel currently has ten members who will lend their expertise to create and define life safety procedures and policies submitted by...
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We Come a Long Way, But

The tent rental industry has come a long way since the turn of the century. Kind of sounds old but in the last 16 years there have been exciting and challenging changes in our industry. The new styles and increased size of tents and membrane structures are achieving...
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Collaborative Tent Safety Guide for Events

When I first started researching references for the paper “Collaborative Tent Safety Guide for Events” I realized how many people were affected by safety guidelines when producing an event. Once I stepped back and started to visualize how an event was created, I...
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SAFTSE has received ICC Preferred Education Provider approval to create training courses for continuing education for Fire Marshals and Building Code Inspectors. SAFSTE will begin building our first course and submit it for ICC approval using the theme of tents and special event training following the guidelines of IFC Chapter 31

Getting the Code Officials and Special Event Providers all Under the Same Tent” with “Tent, Canopy, and Special Event Requirements in the I-Codes.”

ICC Course number 10500 – On-Demand