Our Mission

Our mission statement consist of three words – Education, Education, Education!

Who We Are!

As a non-profit organization we have taken on the leadership role and development of collaborative safety between the Code Enforcement Official and the Special Event Industry where life safety, plans, and execution matter considerably, we want you to know that SAFTSE has just one goal to exceed your expectations.

What We Created!

  • An Advisory Board of Code Enforcement Officials and Techincal Writers
  • An ICC Preferred Education Provider
  • Approved courses
    • Getting the Code Official and Special Event Partners Under the Same Tent
    • IFC Chapter 31 New and Revised Code Changes
    • An ANSI21 Guide for Special Event Structures
  • We are approved in Michigan to award CE points to Code Enforcement Officials

What is in the Future!

  • As a member of the FireCac working group, we are part of the working group defining new or modifying IFC Chapter 31 Tent and Membrane Structure Regulations for 2021
  • We are a member of ESTA Techincal Standards Program
  • We are in the process of creating and scheduling six onsite regional training classes.
  • Working with the ICC to promote and develop SAFTSE’S online training courses.
  • Continuing on a path to become State approved CE providers