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SAFTSE has adopted The International Code Council’s IBC/IFC regulations used to authorize temporary membrane structures/tent installation permits as a guideline for event fire and life safety. SAFTSE will work within these guidelines to provide reasonable fire and life safety solutions for AHJ’S and Special Event Partners.
A collaborative safety model is an essential component in SAFTSE’S overall life safety program. SAFTSE’S focus is to identify temporary membrane structures/tent code regulations and to frame a standard of reasonable expectations for all Special Event Partners and AHJ’S.
We can summarize SAFTSE’S scope by using three words – education, education, and education.

About Us

SAFTSE is an International Code Committee “Preferred Education Provider.”

SAFTSE has received ICC Preferred Education Provider approval to create training courses for continuing education for Fire Marshals and Building Code Inspectors. SAFSTE will begin building our first course and submit it for ICC approval using the theme of tents and special event training following the guidelines of IFC Chapter 31

Getting the Code Officials and Special Event Providers all Under the Same Tent” with “Tent, Canopy, and Special Event Requirements in the I-Codes.”

ICC Course number 10500 – On-Demand


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