Rules for Sitting On a Two-Legged Stool

There are rules in sporting events that are easily enforced. However, some rules create animated discussions between the fans and players. What is a catch in football, basketballs offensive charging and baseball’s instant replay are good for spirited debates. What is missing in these discussions is the person who made the original call. That missing person may not have created the rule but was asked to enforce the rule.

The same situation occurs when tent rental companies gather at association meetings and the topic turns to tent permits and regulations. A rousing and rational debate transpired, but what is missing is the person that enforces the permit and giving them the opportunity to add their opinions to the conversation. The tent rental permit discussion resembles a two-legged stool that requires a good deal of balancing if you are planning to sit on the stool.

At SAFTSE, we understand that it is not possible to have an AHJ and tent rental company’s at every association meeting and that is one of the reasons we have opened a dialog with the AHJ’S and ICC. Our initial question is, “What can we do to help make both of our jobs easier?” Fortunately, we have two ears that have become versed in the art of listening.

What is quite ironic that both the AHJ and tent rental company are striving for the same thing a safe and successful event. They both understand that there are some overzealous AHJ’S and ‘what-can-I-get-away-with” tent rental company’s and that will never change, but when creating a safe event, we cannot let them influence our judgement. What we can do is embark on an educational program defining the how and why regulations are adopted, a standard of reasonable care, and the most efficient way to implement and maintain a safe event.

We start by adding a third leg to our stool, so we spend less time balancing and more time listening.

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