Conversation About Evacuation Plans

A colleague and I were discussing the agenda of an impending meeting with the Fire CAC committee. He said, “If the tent rental industry paid me every time they mentioned “the problem is“ without adding a solution, I would be a rich man.”

The challenge my colleague is presenting to our industry is that a problem will continue to be a problem until we create an acceptable solution. A conversation about potential problems will and should stir up the pot to create awareness. The discussion also needs to start constructing a solution otherwise it is just political “BS”. There is nothing wrong with multiple opinions as long as each side agrees to disagree respectfully.

To help to facilitate this conversation, TRAM is transitioning to a digital format –announcement – we have waited until we found the right vehicle that would capitalize on a digital format. We have found the vehicle and have chosen “Life Safety.”

Our first step in our grassroots campaign is an online webinar. We are partnering with WebEx to deliver our series of webinars. The format for the first three webinars will be a “Round Table.” Utilizing WebEx Event Center, which offers five side-by-side video feeds where the audience will have the opportunity to listen and view our panelists and discuss the webinar subject. Once the panel has finished with their discussion, the audience will have a chance to ask the panel questions. TRAM’S webinar schedule.

Our first series begins with “Evacuation Plans.”
This webinar is designed to provide TRAM members and their guests an opportunity to learn and expand their understanding of regulatory and legal requirements for an evacuation plan. After completion of the roundtable panel discussion, members are encouraged to raise questions, offer insights to solving common problems and share experiences with the membership.

Roundtable Evacuation Plan Panel
Bruce Johnson   Senior Regulatory Engineer, United Laboratories
Ken Keberle       Safety and Training Manager
Richard Nix        Project Coordinator, Entertainment Structure Group
Joe McElvaney  Fire Protection Engineer, City of Phoenix
James Waite      Attorney at Law, Rental Contracts, and Equipment Rental

Webinar Closed

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