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Under the menu heading, Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) on the “Safety Advocates For Tents & Special Events” website, we are adding a new web page next week called Definitions. The primary objective of our new page is to compare definitions of a term or phrase used by the International Fire Code and tent rental companies.

Before we can begin our definitions project, we reached out to the ICC regarding copyright infringements. An official at the IIC responded with, “Collaboration?  Cooperation? Commonality?  Gasp, what is the world coming to? <grin> I think this is a terrific idea.  I don’t know the answer to your question but will work with our intellectual property folks to see what steps we can take.  Please give me a few days to get a response and guidance.”

And this week we received a permission letter from the ICC.  The intellectual property agreement phase of our plan is completed.

The next step is to choose the first phrase or term. I reached out to SAFTSE members asking for suggestions and repeatedly the phrase ““Construction Documents”” was suggested, so we have selected  “Construction Documents” as our first interpretation phrase. The page “Construction Documents” will have the definition of IFC 3106 regulation for “Construction Documents” as defined by the ICC. There will be a subpage added by SAFTSE members with their definition of Construction Documents. With each post, the members will be able to comment. Once we have created a definition, we will add our interpretation under the ICC’S definition. The second entry will be a solution on how we will present these inspection documents to AHJ’S (Authorities Having Jurisdiction). The objective is to give both sides an opportunity to compare their definitions and from there create a viable solution.

We are fully aware of the complexities of diverse municipalities and their ability to modify or create fire code regulations that will address local and state issues.  SAFTSE has objectively chosen a starting point using 2012 – 2015 IFC regulations as our reference model. Without a beginning, we are back to sitting on the two-legged stool with a bad attitude.

We have an opportunity for members of SAFTSE to become advocates and build relationships with the AHJ’S (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) and together define safety as priority one, not treat safety as a burden.

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