Connecting the Dots Between The AHJ and Tent Rental

Steve Jobs partial quote from a commencement speech at Stanford University, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

SAFTSE will follow Mr. Jobs’ suggestion. We have named our first dot “Common Body of Knowledge.” Our second dot is a “Standard of Reasonable Care.” Before SAFTSE can begin the process of connecting the dots, we need data. We start by collecting historical data and add this information to our “Common Body of Knowledge.” Once we have gathered a significant amount of information, data, video instructions, and studies under our “Common Body of Knowledge,” we begin the next phase which is developing a “Standard of Reasonable Care.” This refers to the data and information collected in our “Common Body of Knowledge.” We now have the tools to develop reasonable solutions that exceed regulations current expectations, or, “We raise the bar beyond regulations.”

The primary objective of connecting the dots between our “Common Body of Knowledge” and “ Standard of Reasonable Care”  is to gather information and procedures to ensure that tent rental companies have the tools to produce a safe and successful event.

For tent rental companies, having the ability to access SAFTSE’S “Common Body of Knowledge” and “Standard of Reasonable Care,” can assist AHJ’S to connect the dots. By having access to this data, we have established the rules of safety and the skills essential to inspect and produce a safe event. The satisfaction of connecting the dots between the AHJ and tent rental companies will have the same rewards as connecting the dots when constructing a successful event.

Respectively Yours,

Jim Erickson, Executive Director
SAFTSE, Inc. –  Non -Profit Corporation



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