Challenges, Solutions, and New IFC Code Revisions

SAFTSE has taken on exciting new challenges. The following are our latest additions to SAFTES’S website “Common Body of Knowledge”  PDF section.

  • International Code Committee PDF of International Codes-Adoption by State (January 2016)
  • ANSI E1.21-2013 Entertainment Technology — Temporary Structures Used for Technical Production of Outdoor Entertainment Events
  • “Best Practices” A Legal Disclaimer – Author Steve A. Adelman, ESQ – This article first ran in the Summer 2015 issue of Protocol, the journal of ESTA.”

Also, there are new pages under the menu heading Code Revisions. The four proposals and one appendix will be presented for Public Comment Hearing in Louisville, Ky, day and time to be announced, April 17th – 27th, 2016  for  approval to the 2018 IFC Code Cycle:

In the following weeks, we will break down each of the proposals and give our members and followers a chance to voice their opinions and suggestions. The challenge will be that if any or all of these proposals move forward, to identify the best process to incorporate these changes in your contracts and installation procedures.

We are in the process of working on updating the first draft detailing the amount of staking required for non-engineered tents using the IFAI soil testing study to assist the AHJ in their inspections. Along with this document, we are in the development stage of adding a visual diagram with an explanation for the AHJ describing what method to use to inspect a tent or membrane structure appropriately.

Our latest project is the ICC has agreed to give us permission to use the IFC chapter 31 definitions to avoid copyright infringement. We will add the ICC terms and phrases to SAFTSE website under the Common Body of Knowledge and then add our industry definition. Once we have both definitions, we can compare and then make a resolution to create one meaning.

The evacuation plan project is underway and we are working on the premise of defining a number using a wind load number or the Beauford Wind Scale as a starting point. We must also consider that the wind alone can be quite different than the wind, rain, and lighting. There is, unfortunately, an additional issue we face today and that is in an act of terrorism which we are also taking into account.

The team working on this project consists of two seasoned tent installers and two Fire Marshals. Once we have a draft that the team is satisfied with we will publish the report. The report will be available on the Members Only page so members can voice their opinions.

Becoming a member of SAFTSE creates the opportunity for you and your company to participate and contribute to the challenges our industry faces and become part of the solution. As a member, you receive our SAFTSE logo that you can add to your company website. What this logo represents to the AHJ communities that your company has become part of the solution to create and provide a safe environment for your clients.

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