Staking Demo

Demonstration Video.

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Five staking videos. To play video click the red arrow int the large box. To play the next video select >  slider will move to the next selection. Or < slider will move to the previous video. Selecting the small video box click on the box and then click red arrow in the main video box. To continue to the next video select > and then you will have access to all 15 videos.

  1. The J-Hook
  2. Short Stake
  3. 1″ x 36″ Stake
  4. Half Driven Stake
  5. Stake Driven at an Angle
  1. Size Matters When Selecting Stakes
  2. Box Ratchet
  3. Plate Box Ratchet
  4. Web Stitching
  5. Bar Staking
  1. Three Hole Bar Staking
  2. Five or Six Hole Bar Staking
  3. Ground Testing
  4. Water Barrels
  5. Dead Weight/Concrete Blocks