Bad Attitude or Advocate

There are three potential paths you can take to addressing permits and AHJ’S, follow the rules and complain, defy the rules because your interpretation of the regulations do not pertain to you, or follow the rules and become an advocate for change by raising the bar.

The bad attitude path is the path of least resistance you do not like the regulations so complain or ignore the rules and you are done. The problem with this approach is that we still do not have a solution only frustrations. Simply put we have not resolved the problem and may have quite possibly caused stricter regulations.

An advocate sees the problem and outlines a workable solution. The key to presenting the solution to the AHJ is to maintain the highest degree of professionalism along with sufficient information to support your reasoning as to why the regulation should be a modified or removed.

The choice is simple:

You choose to have a bad attitude.

  • I have been installing tents for 30 years, what do they know?
  • Get in and get out and the AHJ will never know the difference.
  • Permits are another form of costing my company money.

How to be an advocate:

  • Understand the current regulations and follow to the best of your ability
  • Develop a strategy to change the rules that both parties can agree upon
  • Be the first to establish communications and develop a relationship with the AHJ.

Choosing the tent permit regulations path is simple you either have a bad attitude or become an advocate.

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