An Inconsistent Work Item Produces a Fragile Standard

One of the most important steps towards constructing a standard is the foundation of the Work Item Proposal. On the other hand, a poorly constructed Work Item will make it difficult for the authors and reviewers to know what the content is declaring.

A Work Item related to the tent and membrane structure industry should state how the standard will be used. The Work Item task group should address the following questions:

  • Would this standard qualify as a reference to the ICC?
  • Will other government agency or regulatory body adopt the standard?

I requested a draft of Work Item WK45190 and got no response. So I decided to compare the Wk45190 scope and the questions that a work item should answer.

I reached out to the ICC for guidance and found a document stating how standards must comply with the ICC Council.

The Rules:

  • Any standard proposed for adoption in any of the I-Codes must comply with ICC Council Policy (CP-28 Section 3.6).
  • The referenced document must be a consensus-developed standard; not a practice or guideline. The standard must be written as mandatory/enforceable requirements.

The Conclusion:

  • The Work Item WK45190 has inconsistent terminology in its draft scoping statement. The Work Item WK45190 references terms such as practice, requirements, standards, guidelines, and taken into consideration does not fit the criteria I-Codes states to comply with the ICC Council Policy.

SAFTSE is asking the WK 45190 subcommittee to explain their reasoning behind crafting this Work Item because it is apparent that the scope does not comply with the ICC Council Policy. If the concept of this standard was not intended for code regulations, would the subcommitte please respond and explain how this standard will support tent rental companies with the local AHJ’S (authorities having jurisdiction) addressing their safety procedures and permitting applications.

As SAFTSE members, we have a responsibility to become part of the solution not expand the problem. First we need a response before we can offer solutions. The ball is your court and the clock is running.

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