Act of God

If you had followed best practices along with staking the tent correctly you would not have found it necessary to use my name in vain.”

From now on this blog, unless it is really, really stupid, ridiculous staking or ballasting installation will no longer be discussed. Instead, this blog is moving forward with its grassroots campaign defining installation best practices and developing solutions. As an industry, we are spending too much time pointing fingers at competitors poorly design installations that failed.

If we do not begin to develop best practices, the alternatives will not be pleasant. According to one code official, the tent rental company, and this includes special events and trade shows are looking down the barrel of a Magnum 45 that would impress Dirty Harry. As a result of doing nothing, each of these segmented industries will become regulated by code officials.

The staging and rigging industry faced the same dilemma over ten years ago, and their trade association decided to create documents addressing best practices. One example is the ANSI E 1.21-2013. You can read this document by clicking on this ANSI link. 

What became apparent to the staging and rigging industry was that they needed to take the initiative and create procedures and standards before code officials regulated their industry. They developed new and updated existing standards and established best practices. These standards and best practices set the guidelines that created the staging and rigging industry code regulations.

Being associated with the special event industry, we must begin by defining and documenting what correct installation procedures are.  If we do not and continue to gamble that nothing will happen, God will turn a blind eye, and Devil will appear in the form of a litigator.

We are being an alarmist – we have time – not a lot but there is still time to develop a solution that will benefit everyone in our industry.We begin with a collaborative effort between tent companies, Authority Having Jurisdiction, manufacturers, trade associations, and our clients. Thru education, life safety, and profit can co-exist as long as we continue to create and adapt to solutions that address these factors. As an industry, we need to continue to develop solutions and convert these solutions into best practices. Once we become accustomed to using best practices, we will all enjoy a healthy and profitable business for years to come.

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