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Safety Advocates for Tents and Special Events primary focus is developing a Common Body of Knowledge and to craft a Standard of Reasonable Expectations for temporary installations and events.


About Us

SAFTSE is an International Code Committee “Preferred Education Provider.”

SAFTSE has received ICC Preferred Education Provider approval to create training courses for continuing education for Fire Marshals and Building Code Inspectors. SAFSTE will begin building our first course and submit it for ICC approval using the theme of tents and special event training.

Getting the Code Officials and Special Event Providers all Under the Same Tent” with “Tent, Canopy, and Special Event Requirements in the I-Codes.”

ICC Course number 10018


Risk Management

Safety Advocates for Tents & Special Events is a non-profit association comprised of event professionals and authorities having jurisdiction in collaboration are developing risk management solutions for today’s innovative special event industry.


What is a “Common Body of Knowledge” (CBK)? It is a collection of issues significant to the Special Event and Tent Rental Industry. SAFTSE CBK establishes a common outline of installation, client safety documents, and values which allow event specialists and authorities having jurisdiction a reference for discussion, debate, and a resolution to create event safety solutions.


Our blog is dedicated to event safety. We are starting conversations that are not about “how to make more money.” Instead, we are challenging the tent and event industry to an open discussion about “reasonable expectations” We take great pride in asking for your opinions and offering those opinions to authorities having jurisdiction.

Members Only

SAFTSE is reaching out and asking you to become members to help support our endeavor to produce a”Collaborative Tent Safety Plan for Events.” Without your financial backing and input, we are concerned that our industry will continue to flounder under restrictive regulations. We need to step up and explain what our standard of reasonable expectations are and the threshold of limitations.

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